Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.


Dewey Academy

I am self confident, ambitious, optimistic, and straightforward. I also like to sell things or promote ideas and think abstractly. I cooperate well with others. I would like to meet important people and start my own business and make decisions affecting others and have power or status and be able to do hands on and build things and work outdoors. I want to apply all of talents into green construction because I know that I am capable of being responsible environmentally and resource efficient.


Edison High

I am a helpful person. I like to work with others and accomplish my goals in life. I like to play sports but also like to teach as well, to help those who need help. I like to serve with certain stuff like religiously and athletically. I am also really helpful and energetic.


Irvington High School

My greatest passions include writing and analyzing stories, desktop publishing, and visiting a variety of different museums. Though curious and artistically inclined, I am pragmatic, conforming, and goal-oriented and value both personal and societal security. I hope to apply my passions to a scientific career such as photonics engineering, which I hope to accomplish through my willingness to learn and knowledge of how to operate CAD and other computer-related systems.


Abraham Lincoln High School

The future is coming, and we have what it takes to overcome the environmental challenges to preserve our environment for future generations. Dedicated, ambitious, motivated, I am a self-driven student (who can't drive yet) am ready to do what it takes to contribute ideas, and start a leading campus organization in order to achieve my goals of awareness. As an individual, I have hopes to implement my ideas and cooperate with others to initiate projects that would further lead our society to implement affordable renewable energy, while pioneering the innovative ways to produce efficient energy.



Some problems in the world are never solved such as clean water, clean environments, healthy people, and good communities. I am very focused on changing these problems and making them better and I have a vision of solving these issues. I am very artistic, independent, and impulsive. I am able to solve math problems and understand scientific theories. I enjoy sketching, drawing, reading fiction books, traveling and meeting new people. I want to put my talents into action and try to study medicine or help animals in need medically. I would like to help the environment be more healthy, for people to be more healthy, and for more communities to be brought together.



I am creative, caring, kind, social, and cooperative. I can assist people efficiently, draw, learn fast, take care of kids, and care for animals. I like animals, kids, drawing, and swimming. My hobbies are games, computers, reading, hanging out with friends, and environmental walks.


evergreen middle school

Hello,my name is Brody. I am a creative, funny person who likes to adventure and take photos of whatever i find cool looking. I can use my creativity and lust for adventure to be good in the career of photography i would like to peruse. As a photographer i can use my photo taking skills to compile either in videos for the internet or just to make people see what i like in our modern day society.


Laurel Oaks

There isn't a lot of freshwater to go around, day to day there are a lot of people that pollute our freshwater that really don't know how little freshwater we have. People might think that if they just throw whatever they want into a lake, that it won't come back to hurt us, that if they flush their pills down the toilet that it wont come back, pills and medicine aren't something that they can filter out. The more that we pollute the less freshwater we have, which we depended on to live. We need water to survive or we risk extinction.

Maddie N


I can change the world by helping people cope with emotional limitations. I will spread information about environmental problems. I will volunteer at local organizations that help support what I believe in.

Nyhemah Shaw

FSU Upward Bound Math & Science

I am a social person, i love working with people no matter how old or young they are, I am very artistic, i love drawing and being creative, making stuff different in my own style, and fashion. I can help a lot of people and create things that interest people. I like to help people when they need help, and when they are sad or mad or in depression or not feeling good, it makes me feel like i'm helping someone, i like to make people feel good about themselves, cause i realize that you can get nowhere if you don't have confidence in yourself. My hobby might be community service.

Financial Aid Giver

Santa Rosa Junior College

I am creative, intuitive, collaborative and artistic. I can help plan, create, explain, write, sing, and sew. I like helping students; being responsible for helping them get financial aid; enjoying my home and beautifying my surroundings; writing poetry; sewing; being in and observing nature; I like interacting with my pet cat Lulu; and I like entertaining family and friends. My hobbies might be drawing and painting, writing, taking Zumba and Pilates classes, reading spiritual books and tasting good food, wine and beer.


Chino Hills High School

I am a dedicated the studies of biology, astronomy, and medicine. This accompanies my firm belief in science's altruistic message of furthering our species and helping others. To be a leader in the field of science, one must be logical, creative, ambitious, and intelligent. These are traits I strive to embody. I have a passion for helping others less fortunate than me and teaching people what I have learned. In my free time, I learn as much as I can about the world around me and volunteer frequently. Through this, I can efficiently explain scientific theories and fields of study as well as strengthening my social skills. Although I see myself as intelligent, I firmly acknowledge that the pursuit of knowledge will never end. Hopefully, I can utilize my skills to be an admirable Emergency Room Physician and help make my community a healthier and safer place.

Kid GK9

oak grove high school

I am easy going with people, good with jokes, and blend in easily. I work easier with other people help, love to expand my mind to different perspective, and able finish work on time. I'm interested in listening to music, write poetry, and learning new instruments. I'm currently looking for opportunity to be in music industries or entertainment industries.

I am confident, enthusiast, and extroverted. I like giving speeches, leading a group, and organizing activities. I am good at meeting new people, and love listen to music. Someday I would like to start my own streaming service or business. My interests include drawing, music, wrestling and helping others. I am currently seeking part-time employment in retail sales to build my communication and problem solving skills.

Joseph J.

Chino Hills High School

I am an observant and independent person and I believe that these qualities can help reduce the amount of pollution that is present in this current world. And with this goal in mind, I hope to be able to create a better future for the next generation and to make an impact on this world in a positive way. I am good at making decisions that affect others and following clearly-defined procedures, and these features of mine, I believe, can help me make an impact on society.

Social Monarch

El Camino College

I am kind-hearted, inquisitive, and gregarious. I can utilize scientific methods and apply them to real world problems such as social and/or cultural disparities. I like to make a difference in people's lives for the better. My hobbies might be doing research.


Einstien middle school

I am Kyle Morgan and I want to be a therapist that cures depression and suicidal thoughts or actions. knowing what it is like having this problem I will learn from my mistakes by helping others. This is a big problem especially with teens and I will fix it to my best ability. I know what it is like to deal with this sort of thing. No one deserves to deal with this alone. I will help them through it.

Sports Trainer


My name is Cylas Clark. I am Athletic and will continue to play my favorite sport football all the way through college and play in the NFL. I can be physical and do physical things. I like to play sports its is my favorite thing to do, and also like to be healthy as I continue into being athletic. My hobbies are sports, building, and leading groups/having power over things. Im going to make lots of of money and help homless people. I will provide homeless a home and provided food, clothing, and education.

Animal Nerd

Albert Einstein Middle School

I am an animal lover. I can do anything I put my mind to. I like to watch and read anything that includes the animals. My hobbies might be an habitat preservative person, animal breeder for all the species that may go extinct, a veterinarian for big, small, wild and tame animals and an animal trainer. My plan is that after I become a true veterinarian, open up my own business, and get everything running smoothly, I will make a little program that will be open to any people who want to breed their pets, or breed endangered animals. This program will be funded by whatever tips/donations/ or my own money. Other organizations and people will be welcome to help.


albert einsien middle school

I am persuasive, confident, talkative, creative, imaginative. I can be creative, controlling, energetic. I like designing, reading, photography, playing sports. My hobbies might be playing sports, modeling and designing, drawing.


Mark Keppel High School

With my skills and hobbies, I can bring change to the world through working with organizations to create environmental awareness.