Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.


Carver Engineering and Sciences

Hello, I am Adam and I am Curious and Passionate to understand and solve many math and scientific problems. I am also Passive with my peers and the my passiveness, I can help many of my peers with emotional problems as well as school problems. I also love playing sports that my friends like playing with me an it gets to be pretty fun. Some of the things that I love is Science, Biology, and learning about Animals. As a young boy, i loved to watch ants climbing trees and fish swimming in the tanks in Pet co. i love learning about space/ Astronomy and the environment which ties in with Biology as well. When I am away from school I love to play video games, draw and playing sports.



I often see myself as independent and reserved, but am able to work in a team when needed. I am also observant and am very curious about what goes on around me. Some activities I love to do are reading books, watching crime shows, dance, and mix substances in a lab experiment. If possible, I want to apply these skills onto a career that involves keeping people safe and healthy.


Engineering & Science

My hobbies are volunteering, caring for children, leading groups, and playing sports. I enjoy all of these things because they help me to prepare for the future while also having fun, and I believe proper preparation prevents poor performance. There is not one specific career that I have decided on for the future yet, but I do know that I want to make an impact. I would like to apply my drive for academic success and outgoing leadership personality to educate people on big issues.


Paloma Valley Hs

I considered myself as a persuasive, understanding, logical, and an sightful person. I would love, and empathically to work with other people to help build a more perfect society. I enjoy most scientific, and mind develop activities like studying about planets' geology, volunteering, studying marketing, and learning many different languages as well as their culture. I am a willing to learn person. My goal is to apply my interested and to challenge myself to learn about foreign cultural language and work socially at a national airport, and mastered using computer in-depth. Working at a place that need social and technical skills like airport is a pretty compromised environment.


University of uyo

Passionately i am enthusiastic and energetic, i love doing business, solving problems and creating new ideas. I do love to direct my ideas in solving renewable energy problems and to create business opportunities within the environment.

Nandini :)

John F. Kennedy High School

I am cooperative, impulsive, and a optimistic leader and team player. I can initiate projects and teach/ train others. I enjoy volunteering, working with young people, especially children, and taking photographs. I also enjoy helping others with personal concerns, caring for children, and travelling. I want to pursue a career that includes all of the things listed so that I can enjoy what I do. I am determined to make a positive impact in society in any way I can. Helping others reach their true potential really interests me. My ambition is to become a therapist, specifically speech therapist because the field of assisting people and helping them communicate captivates me. It is my passion to help others and I found speech therapy to be the perfect way for me to help the community.


concord high school

I am methodical, systematic, and organized. I am also forgiving and conscientious and friendly. I can read blueprints, understand scientific theories, and teach others to understand them. I love to use my hands, build things, help people, and follow procedure. I intend to use this to help the world fix it's environmental issues, including vehical pollution.

Nikki ;3

Abraham Lincoln

I am an artistic, friendly and cooperative person. I want to help other people improve their weaknesses and learning more about them. I also like to sing, draw and write short stories. I want to be a middle or high school teacher in English subject. I want to be teaching the kids that immigrated to the US because I am also an immigrate too, so I might helps the kids if they have problems on communication.


San Pasqual High School

I believe I am friendly, helpful, and kind. Some of my hobbies are meeting new friends, playing a team sport, playing a musical instrument, and traveling. I enjoy to work with others through sports and I like to help people in need. I want to use my helpfulness towards a career related to animals or helping people work through problems by becoming a veterinarian or studying the brain.


Merritt College

I am inquisitive, scholarly and observant. I enjoy yoga, hiking, meditating and being out in nature. I would like to apply my ability to solve math problems, and understand scientific theories to help heal others through the natural medicine of the Earth. My interest to explore a variety of ideas, do research and help others will help with my passion to heal others.


Chino Hills High School

I am independent, honest, hardworking, and compassionate. I can be reliable to people who come to me for advise or help. I like helping people solve their problems and helping people overcome obstacles. My hobbies might include taking care of children, cooking and playing volleyball.


Kennedy High school

I am self confident, social, and enthusiastic. Being an independent being is a great way to get a glimpse of the real world. I am also well organized, orderly, and systematic. Having a routine is key to a organized life style. Having everything planned out and organized makes me feel put together and ready for anything.
I can convince people to do things my way by saying encouraging words and being very, very polite and nice. I can also give talks or speeches confidently and straight forward. I like to be proud and successful in everything and anything I do. I like to work independently just so I can know that I can do anything myself. My hobbies are selling products that customers will like and would be a success. Solving crossword puzzles and board games are always a fun thing to do and sometimes they are a challenge but they always come out to be so much fun.


John F. Kennedy High School

I am very understanding and whenever I am told to correct something I do it right away. I am hard working and make sure everyone around me is happy. If I see someone doing something wrong I try and help them out. I try and spread happy energy. I am independent and reliable.


Mount San Antonio College

I appreciate good design, and my inquisitiveness, idealism, and original ideas can prove to be valuable qualities in green career like urban planning or UX design. People are moving in masses to large urban cities, and those cities will have to be redesigned to meet the needs of these people while also reducing environmental damage. I hope to build cities where people have well designed public transit, access to green spaces, quality food.

My Destiny

Chino Hills High School

I am investigative, social, and enterprising. I like finding ways to save people as well as investigating what is causing people peril. I can and will save and help as many people as I possibly can while persisting in promoting a healthy environment. I am intelligent and detail-oriented individual who can observe any problems with the environment as well to solve other peoples' personal issues. I also excel in listening to people, instructing them to greatness, and make wise decisions that will be beneficial to me in the future. My hobbies include volunteering, swimming, table tennis, and billiard. Last but certainly not least, I have a passion of helping others to be the best they can possibly be.


soar for youth

I am social, athletic, stable, and cooperative. I can work in groups, cooperate well with others, and play a sport. My hobbies are playing sports, being around others, and participating in meetings. I work with young people, play a team sport, am physically active, and like using my hands. I like playing basketball, being around other people, having fun, caring for children, attending sporting events, going to parties, meeting new friends, attending religious activities, and coaching/playing team sports. I want to conduct economic analysis related to environmental protection and use of the natural environment, such as water, air, land, and renewable energy resources. This work would evaluate and quantify benefits, costs, incentives, and impacts of alternative options using economic principles and statistical techniques.


arroyo high school

There are many threats that we are faced with in today's society. One of the biggest threats is fresh water. I am determined for everyone to have access to fresh water that can you can drink. I see myself as a helpful, creative, and curious high schooler who wants to change the world and be someone that people can look up to. "Be the change that you wish to see in the world."


John f kennedy highschool

Well I'm self-confident and I am also a curious, sensitive person. My hobbies are reading and writing stories. I express myself creatively when I write. I work well with others and I am very friendly when it comes to meeting new people. I really enjoy the subject English but I also have a big interest in law. I'd like to be a lawyer and speak for those who don't really have a voice to speak for themselves .I am a smart, sensitive honest student who doesn't give up once I set my mind to something, I believe I will achieve anything or any obstacle that comes my way. I am a leader who remains determined and doesn't give up.


John F. Kennedy High School

I am creative, a problem solver, and I fear failure. I take advantage of any creative projects because it helps me express my mind. I enjoy making life easier for myself as well as other people. Math is one of my favorite subjects therefore problem solving is one of my qualities. The fear of failure allows me to do my very best in everything that I do. I want to apply my characteristics in my everyday life and express them through school and the work that I do. I use my creativity, problem solving, and fear in order to help my church and club to spread positivity in my local community. I plan to further positivity to not only my community but other communities as well.


Kennedy High School

I am understanding of other peoples problems. I am also friendly and social which can make it easier for me to communicate well with others. Persuading my classmates of what my perspective is during a debate is something that I do enjoy. I like doing things such as getting to know my peers that i'm surrounded by. On weekends I enjoy hanging out with large groups of friends and going out. Not to mention going to concerts and family vacations with my mom. I want to apply my communication skills and responsibility to a career related to helping children and adults with their health. I can do this by becoming a pediatrician or nurse that helps patients feel better and not miserable from their sicknesses.