Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.


Esperanza High School

I am adventurous, organized, and responsible. I enjoy organizing, using computers, playing games, meeting new people, caring for children, and playing sports. I enjoy doing things that involve nature and with others, whether that be people or animals. I love to have fun by either playing games, listening to music or just spending time with friends. I want to apply my love for having fun and working with others to my future career. I also want to make sure that I work for a purpose, most likely to help the environment.


Valencia high school

I am friendly, understanding, helpful, self-confident, and talkative. I personally love helping others whether it be teaching or talking about personal problems. For example I like to work in groups, helping people with problems, taking photographs, videos, and expressing myself creatively. My hobbies are helping others with personal concerns, religious activities, meeting new friends, going to parties, attending sporting events, playing team sports, and most importantly, caring for children. I want to apply my helpful, understanding, and outgoing skills into helping society of all ages and backgrounds with mental health by becoming a therapist or counselor.


Valencia High School

Due to the fact that I am deeply empathetic and understanding to people's pain and struggles, I would like to pursue a career in clinical and/or addiction therapy and psychology. All I want out of a career is to be able to make someone's life better and more stable. There are so may individuals out in the world that need help and aren't getting any, and I would like to be someone who could give them what they need in order to live their lives to the fullest extent. If the world had more stable people in it, there is no telling what could be accomplished, and for that reason I think it is not only fulfilling to be a professional counselor, but it is necessary to the future that there are more outlets for finding help.

Naomi :((

Valencia Highschool

The changes I want to see in the world are improvements to climate change, waste, and clean water. The changes i will do in order to help benefit the earth is recycle , reduce, reuse, and most importantly refuse. I will recycle plastic bottles and cardboard boxes that not only I use but also the ones my family uses. I will also refuse to use plastic bags in the supermarket and invest in reusable bags. Also what ever my family uses i will also try to reuse or make something new so I can reduce waste. All of this is important to me because I want this world to be the healthiest it can be for me and future generations.


Valencia High School

Some of my many strengths are being an artistic and empathetic person when it comes to anything that has to do from my school to my personal life. I would like to implement the skills I have to do something useful for the world. I can encourage younger people to enhance their inner creativity, since studies have shown that the percentage of self-creativity and ability to problem solve have slowly decreased through time. I am a big believer in a photography, being able to capture a moment in time is one of the greatest things that someone could ever do even if it is a common experience now-a-days. Photography is something that can be kept forever and it gives you the opportunity to see how time has developed through one's lifetime. Traveling is another experience that in my opinion is a great way to feel as if you are actually able to meet the world face to face. Writing gives me the chance to express my emotions to the deepest point my persona can meet. My personal favorite would have to be art, art is photography, writing and traveling all in one. You are able to visualize anything you desire, express any emotions you feel and exhibit it to the world without any hesitation.


Valencia High School

I am a friendly, caring, and patient person who has always wanted to have a job where you are around kids. I enjoy meeting new people, listening to people talk about problems, and teaching others. My hobbies include being outdoors, hanging out with friends, listening to or making music, and coloring weird patterns. I want to apply what I like to do and my personality to a career related to teaching students with special needs by helping and teaching them through out school or life.

work with kids

Valencia High School

I am independent, patient, helpful, responsible, kind, committing, respectful, caring, etc. I like to work with kids, work in groups, help others, solve equations, solve problems, and be challenged. I thrive with helping and listening to others, working well with kids, working quickly, and staying focused. All these characteristics are why my goal is to study nursing, medicine, or psychology in order to help the kids of the future.



I want to change the world by understanding technology, finding better ways to make a healthy planet, making food GMO free, and by building things for people.


Valencia High School

I like to help people and read a lot of scientific journals. I also like learning about new things that has to do with our body or anything related to science. A challenge that’s might have is probably figure out how everyone in the country can be able to have clean water since in some parts of the country, people don’t have clean water. I see myself as a helpful, and understanding person since I like helping people with their problems. One of my goals is to become a pediatrician because that way I’ll be doing what I like best which helping kids whenever they’re sick, and giving them treatments. I enjoy being able to meet new people, and learn new things. Photography is something that brings me happiness because of all the memories that each picture I take has. My favorite subjects at school are science, language arts, and child development.



I am creative, imaginative, and very observant. I often like drawing, playing video games, and reading good stories. I recall being capable of using a computer in depth, and exploring a variety of ideas. I hope that I am able to improve my abilities of using computers and drawing.

Kay Kay

Engineering & Science Hs

I would love to change the world in the future. I will try to help clean up, teach others the right thing, and help people with their health. In the future I want to be a nurse .



I would like to build cars that can be fast, aerodynamic-based, and and be safe in some type of way. I also want to put my artistic skills to the test by making machines that can use less gas and oil that causes bad fumes in the atmosphere by having my own car shop. I feel that most people are not challenged by society and people within it. I am an independent, cooperative, and creative. My most artistic hobbies are : drawing, painting, and create music.


Carver Engineering and Sciences

Hello, I am Adam and I am Curious and Passionate to understand and solve many math and scientific problems. I am also Passive with my peers and the my passiveness, I can help many of my peers with emotional problems as well as school problems. I also love playing sports that my friends like playing with me an it gets to be pretty fun. Some of the things that I love is Science, Biology, and learning about Animals. As a young boy, i loved to watch ants climbing trees and fish swimming in the tanks in Pet co. i love learning about space/ Astronomy and the environment which ties in with Biology as well. When I am away from school I love to play video games, draw and playing sports.



I often see myself as independent and reserved, but am able to work in a team when needed. I am also observant and am very curious about what goes on around me. Some activities I love to do are reading books, watching crime shows, dance, and mix substances in a lab experiment. If possible, I want to apply these skills onto a career that involves keeping people safe and healthy.


Engineering & Science

My hobbies are volunteering, caring for children, leading groups, and playing sports. I enjoy all of these things because they help me to prepare for the future while also having fun, and I believe proper preparation prevents poor performance. There is not one specific career that I have decided on for the future yet, but I do know that I want to make an impact. I would like to apply my drive for academic success and outgoing leadership personality to educate people on big issues.


Paloma Valley Hs

I considered myself as a persuasive, understanding, logical, and an sightful person. I would love, and empathically to work with other people to help build a more perfect society. I enjoy most scientific, and mind develop activities like studying about planets' geology, volunteering, studying marketing, and learning many different languages as well as their culture. I am a willing to learn person. My goal is to apply my interested and to challenge myself to learn about foreign cultural language and work socially at a national airport, and mastered using computer in-depth. Working at a place that need social and technical skills like airport is a pretty compromised environment.


University of uyo

Passionately i am enthusiastic and energetic, i love doing business, solving problems and creating new ideas. I do love to direct my ideas in solving renewable energy problems and to create business opportunities within the environment.

Nandini :)

John F. Kennedy High School

I am cooperative, impulsive, and a optimistic leader and team player. I can initiate projects and teach/ train others. I enjoy volunteering, working with young people, especially children, and taking photographs. I also enjoy helping others with personal concerns, caring for children, and travelling. I want to pursue a career that includes all of the things listed so that I can enjoy what I do. I am determined to make a positive impact in society in any way I can. Helping others reach their true potential really interests me. My ambition is to become a therapist, specifically speech therapist because the field of assisting people and helping them communicate captivates me. It is my passion to help others and I found speech therapy to be the perfect way for me to help the community.


concord high school

I am methodical, systematic, and organized. I am also forgiving and conscientious and friendly. I can read blueprints, understand scientific theories, and teach others to understand them. I love to use my hands, build things, help people, and follow procedure. I intend to use this to help the world fix it's environmental issues, including vehical pollution.

Nikki ;3

Abraham Lincoln

I am an artistic, friendly and cooperative person. I want to help other people improve their weaknesses and learning more about them. I also like to sing, draw and write short stories. I want to be a middle or high school teacher in English subject. I want to be teaching the kids that immigrated to the US because I am also an immigrate too, so I might helps the kids if they have problems on communication.