Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.

Dijon R.

california conservation corp

I am a dedicated, independent and self motivated worker on the job site. I have experience on operating chainsaws, hedgers and weed whackers. I would like to continue my journey by showing my dedication by bringing more service in the CCC's (California Conservation Corps) on the crew until the day I complete the program.

Nasirah B.


I'm a creative, imaginative, and curious person. In my spare time, I write my own books and occasionally read about astronomy. Subjects that I am interested in are English, Science, and social studies. I just recently began to be interested in science — specifically astronomy — because it gives an explanation of how things such as planets and moons and galaxies came to be and their evolution. In the future, i hope to go to college for four years or more for creative writing or astronomy.


Carver E&S

I am a social, enterprising, and artistic person. I can convince people to do things my way, lead a group, persuade others, and sell things or promote ideas. I like to help people, have power and status, and start my own services or business. My favorite subjects are math and English. I like English because I like to read and write and it causes me to think more. I like math because it's straight forward to one answer. In the future if I do not become a rapper or basketball player I want to become a defense lawyer for the youth in addition to having my own clothing line.

Courtnie W.

Knight High School

I, Courtnie W., am a passionate and hardworking young student who has a love for engineering and education. I can solder, write, and work in a team very well. I have love for tinkering, innovation, inventing, volunteering and helping others in any way I can. My favorite subject in school in Calculus because I love to learn about higher level math. In the future I plan to be a civil engineer and educator.


George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science

As a freshmen at HSES. I want to make a change in our community. I can convince people to do things in my way, lead a group, persuade others, and make ideas. I want to help other people, meet new people, and be friends. When I get out of high school, I want to go to college and try to become a politician because our communities in the US are separated by violence and bigotry. By the end of my lifetime, I want everyone to unite with every human being at this world and to try to make a positive change in our community.


Laguna Creek High School

I am a realistic, investigative and enterprising individual. I like working with my hands, solving complex problems, and helping others. In my free time I like to play soccer, practice martial arts, work on cars, and work with wood. My favorite subjects are engineering, Computer Aided Drafting, Psychology, Physical Education, and English. My future goal in life is to work on automobiles. After high school I plan on taking engineering classes in community college and Sacramento State to further my career in collision repair and detailing.

Brianna S.

El Modena High School

I am a social, self confident, and ambitious person. I work well in groups because I can use my creativity towards projects or organizing activities. My hobbies are traveling to different places and learning about the world. My second favorite hobby is momentum photography because you can capture moments in time that will be saved forever. In the future, I plan on to start my own business in fashion. I will create products that will best fit my future business. Hopefully, I will be able to expand my business over time to other locations.

Joey p.

El Modena

I am a friendly, patient, understanding, helpful person. I have a great interest in Public Safety. I believe I could make a difference in my community through the career I choose, as a firefighter. I would like to give back to my community by protecting it and helping the citizens in my city.

Isaac P.

El Modena High School

I am an artistic, realistic, and enterprising person. I am able to convince people to do things my way, I can lead a group, I have also learned to persuade people to do various things or buy certain products due to previous work experience. My favorite subjects in school are history and computer science. I like history because I like learning about different cultures and how we have gotten to where we are in the world as a people. I also like computer science because I have been interested in computers since I was a little kid and I am good at building computers and coding. In the future, I hope to run my own business and to own different properties and rent them to people and or companies.

Steven Ray

Rosemont High School

Stemming from my early childhood introduction to the world of technology and computers, I've always wondered what life was like beyond the atmosphere. I have learned from my exposure to my father's work as a mechanic and a conglomerate of collected ideas from several sources such as the reputable Internet or people I've encountered in my life. As a result, the cosmos was always something that stood out to me. I want to walk out into the void and explore what it has to offer. Mainly, I want to strive for discovering new life, new planets, new scientific laws, etc. Understanding the vast universe we live in and piecing together ideologies from gained knowledge through the study of the darkness that surrounds us sounds like a good life, at least to me. Therefore, field work as an astronaut and becoming a researcher in space interests me.

Ernesto O.

El Modena

I am a friendly, understanding, patient, helpful and cooperative person that can easily teach or train others. I can also express myself clearly to others and lead a group discussion. I like to work in groups and help people with their problems, personal or professional. In the future I would like to be working in the fire department because in the fire service you and your squad form a strong bond and work together and always have each other's backs.

Johnathan M.

El Modena High School

I am creative, imaginative, unconventional, a nature lover, and mechanically inclined. In my free time, I like to read fantasy or dystopian themed books, write my own books, work on cars, dance, take pictures, and watch YouTube videos about my latest interest (which changes like different moods). Subjects that interest me are English, photography, dance, and culinary arts. I currently am working on 3 different books (to match my 3 different general writing moods). The first one is about a zombie apocalypse, the second is about a fantasy world filled with magic, and the third is about street racing and romance. Writing is more of a side hobby, however. What I really aspire to do is become a certified mechanic and open a performance part store with a garage (mechanic shop) next to it. I love cars and everything about them: working on them, driving them, driving motorsports... They are a huge passion for me, and that's what I want to wake up and do every day. I want to wake up and be happy to go to work and do what I love.

Destiny B.

Abraham Lincoln

I am a very outgoing and persuasive person. I can lead a group, teach/train people,and write stories. I enjoy discussing politics and solving problems. I would like to use my leadership and persuasive personality to become a news anchor.

Isabel M.

Abraham Lincoln High School

I am interested in a position that includes power and control because I would like being a leader and in charge. I am a very social and confident person, which I believe makes me rather suitable for a business or marketing position in a position of control. I am an organized, inquisitive, and efficient person. I am not incredibly artistic, but I do have well-developed creative thinking skills. I am good at math and writing, especially persuasive rhetoric. I am an incredibly hard worker when I set my mind to something, and I always give everything I've got in order to create the best product I can. Having a career that allows me to use my social/persuasive skills as well as utilizing my organizational and leadership skills is really important to me.

Angela K.

Lincoln high

Hello I'm Angela King. I am passionate about writing music, singing, and performing. I like to express myself creatively through the music I make. In the future I want to be a professional music producer and successful well known lyricist. I want to change the music industry by showing women empowerment and that women don't need to affected by gender bias to make it in the music business.

Kenneth C.

Carver HSES

I am creative, artistic, neat, and precise. I can work with computers and edit videos using different programs. I like to design YouTube video thumbnails, cut hair, and film YouTube videos. In the future I hope to have my own business and operate my own barber shop. My dream career would be a barber/entrepreneur. My hobbies are cutting hair, playing basketball, and playing volleyball. My favorite subjects are math and science.

Rachshawn D.

Carver HSES

I am creative person and can work with my hands and body with tools and machines. I prefer to work inside near other people because I don´t like complete silence. I also love working with the human body and learning about how it works. I can work with nature and help sick animals. I have plenty of experience with animals so I think a job involving animals would be great for me. My favorite subject is science and world history because I love learning about older times and I love biology. I hope in high school I can develop a large understanding an education in these subjects.

Xavier G.

Carver HSES

I am energetic, extroverted, and social. I can convince people to do things my way. I want to start my own service or business and make money. Maybe I will create my own product to sell or buy products and resell. My hobbies are selling products and making money. I want to start my own retail chain when I get older and hopefully expand to more and more locations.

Israel A.

Knight High School

I am an investigative, realistic, conventional, enterprising, and creative person. I enjoy solving problems, exploring new subjects, further expanding my knowledge, creating new things, and playing music. In the near future, I wish to pursue engineering management as my career. I believe I make a good leader, as I can organize a group, assign tasks, listen to other's statements and opinions, am open minded to suggestions, and never leave anyone behind but rather bring everyone together. I hope that I am able to help many people's needs with my career.


Cabrillo High School

I am a creative, imaginative, well-organized, polite, and understanding man with an interest in visual, literary, organizational, and computer-related activities. I also enjoy providing aide to others for their personal concerns. In the future I aspire to graduate high school, start off in a community college, transfer to a university in two years, and graduate with a Bachelor's degree in art. I wish to share my vision and enjoyments with others and be able to make a positive impact on their lives.