Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.


John F. Kennedy High School

I am independent, responsible, dedicated, and hardworking. I enjoy working with others and being involved in academic activities. I am able to help young people with their personal problems and cooperate well with others expressing myself clearly. I also like being physically active, such as going to the gym, or practicing cheer. My hobbies include cheerleading, photography, and calligraphy. My greatest passions are working with children, so I would love to major in teaching for elementary school kids, or becoming a pediatrician and care for infants, toddlers, and adolescents.


John F Kennedy High School

In our social lives being different is seen as a negative thing but I would like to change that. Being different means being unique, one of a kind. That means that there is no one else like you. I would like to become a special needs teacher because I know how it feels to be different and to be the odd one out. I believe that my differences, and my multi-cultural differences would help me excel in this career and make sure that I am helping my students the best way that I possibly can.


John F. Kennedy

In life, you don't always have to do everything independently. As the new generation tends to get older, they believe that becoming independent and being on your own is the was to life. Someone is always in the need for help and assistance. I can be cooperative when it comes to working with people or if their is any misunderstanding that is going on with their life. I like to be connected with people and to show guidance towards them for what ever they need. I believe when we get older we have to change the way that others think about certain things. I can teach others new things, especially when it comes to the young ones. The younger people in the world will change our future when we grow up. Some of the hobbies I enjoy are caring for children and helping others concerns.

Nandini :)

John F. Kennedy High School

I am cooperative, impulsive, and a optimistic leader and team player. I can initiate projects and teach/ train others. I enjoy volunteering, working with young people, especially children, and taking photographs. I also enjoy helping others with personal concerns, caring for children, and travelling. I want to pursue a career that includes all of the things listed so that I can enjoy what I do. I am determined to make a positive impact in society in any way I can. Helping others reach their true potential really interests me. My ambition is to become a therapist, specifically speech therapist because the field of assisting people and helping them communicate captivates me. It is my passion to help others and I found speech therapy to be the perfect way for me to help the community.


El Rancho high school

I want to change the world by creating and designing clothes that are eco-friendly and don't use any harmful products in the material because the world and its rivers due to the textiles using harmful dyeing products in its clothing and leaking it in to the river. I want a status in the clothing industry for making fashionable clothes that are retro and staple pieces of the 60s all the way to the 80s but the key thing is that all of the clothes will be eco friendly and my brand will be one less brand that uses harmful products and harm our beloved planet.


Kennedy High School

I am enterprising, social, and artistic. I enjoy making new friends, and exploring different things. Doing volunteer work and helping the community excites me. My hobbies include caring for children, attending sports events, spending time with family, and going to parties. I want to apply my interests to a career related to rehabilitation centers and environmental services. I would like to do this by recycling, cleaning up beaches and raising awareness on the damage pollution can do the world. I would also like to prevent alcoholism and drug abuse. I hope to open my own rehabilitation center and make a difference in the world.


College of the Sequoias

In these challenging times for our planet I desire to use my strengths of being social, investigative, and artistic along with my my hobbies/experiences in volunteering, joining campus and community groups, involvment in book clubs, visiting museums, and traveling to help cities and people make sustainable life choices.


Kennedy High School

I am creative, intuitive, innovative, independent, and efficient. I can write stories, poetry, design fashions or interiors, use a computer, and initiate projects. I'm very good with using the computer and plan on doing software engineering for my future career. I'm hoping I can teach and lead people so I'm able to inspire others to succeed in their work.


John F Kennedy HS

I am empathetic, kind, responsible, and expressive. My hobbies include singing, dancing, acting, writing, and helping others. Namely, my experience in the world of performing arts led me to want to be a musical theatre performer. Using the platform I am given, I strive to spread a message of acceptance and positivity to those who care to listen.


John f. Kennedy high school

We are faced with some of the hardest challenges the world is facing now that could've been avoided Climate change has been raising through the rough. I am determined to help solve this problem since my greatest passions are caring for children, future generations are going to be forced to deal with these problems I want to help ease that for them and not worry for their lives.

Red Horse

El Rancho

My interest is mechanics and tinkering with technologies. I was born building things around me. I will see if I can use my skills to make the world more earth friendly.


Student of the Akashic Records

I am a leader, an imaginative and introspective thinker, an expressive, and original artist, an intuitive and empathic healer, and infinitely curious and ambitious.

I believe the biggest source of the worlds issues derive from ignorance and complacency. I seek to broaden others feilds of view to new teachings of love and acceptance, as well as health and self care.

I enjoy using my personal knowledge of psychology, sociology, spirituality, physiology, and natural medicines to help others awaken to their truest potential. It is our duty not only to ourselves, but to our communities and the very earth that sustains us to realize how we can utilize our own unique assets to best uplift society and protect the natural beauty of our planet.

My personal goals are to travel and experience with an open mind and heart, to be a student of as many fields of study as I can, to dip my toes into every industry and opportunity that interests me, and to more deeply develop my artistic talents to better share my soul with the world.



My greatest passion is working with children. My goal in life to to become a nurse for kids with diseases and who need help. I am a hard worker who is friendly, social, and enterprising. My hobbies are working, watching my baby cousins.

Someone :)

Carver HS Engineering and Science

I used to be an introvert. But now I am slowly developing people skills and becoming more confident. I wanted to spread positivity and joy to many people. Seeing people with a smile make me happy. I enjoy working with toddlers.

Jess- NEA

New Energy Academy

I am a kind, friendly and very understanding person. I am also scholarly and work well in school. I'm able to cooperate well with others and within a system. I'm good at organizing activities with a youth group. My interests are helping others with problems, using my hands, and performing lab experiments. I also like caring for children, volunteering with social action groups, and hanging out with friends.


Edison High School

I am an assertive, enthusiastic, hard-working leader and team player. I can give talks or speeches and work extremely well with others. I also can teach and train others to accomplish their tasks or goals. I enjoy playing sports, working as a part of a team, participating or attending sporting event. I like to help younger people to learn and chase their dreams. Some of my hobbies include playing video games, playing/observing sports, caring for children and collecting sports memorabilia.


Edison High School

I like to do things that keep me from being bored such as, taking photographs, videos, work on crafts, collect or organize things, and do volunteer work. My Environmental Callenges include making the plantet better by using renewable energy.


edison high school

I would like to own a sneaker and clothes business when I’m done with college, I am a kind, friendly person who is willing to do whatever to get to my goal, I would also like to help others around me and give back to people whether is be food, clothes, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies.


Edison High

Choosing a career can be one of the most stressful and life changing moments in our lives. I want this to be a positive change and good one. I’m highly interested in working within the community and helping others. I have worked with my community and multiple occasions and have thoroughly enjoyed it. My goal is to work and help as many people as possible through my career.


Cajon High School

I am creative, friendly and introverted. I enjoy athletic hobbies such as sports/outside, building/constructing or starting my own business. I also like to do things that involve computers such as indie games or listening to music. I want to pursue a career that will let me apply my athletic activities, such as animating for a big company or make my own company, or letting me pursue a career in physical health, such as an art physical therapist.