Nasirah B.


I'm a creative, imaginative, and curious person. In my spare time i write my own books, and occasionally read about astronomy. Subjects that I am interested in are English, Science, and social studies. I just recently began to be interested in science specifically astronomy because it gives an explanation of how things such as planets and moons and galaxies came to be and their evolution. In the future i hope to go to college for four years or more for creative writing or astronomy.

Rachshawn D.

Carver HSES

I am creative person and can work with my hands and body with tools and machines. I prefer to work inside near other people because I don´t like complete silence. I also love working with the human body and learning about how it works. I can work with nature and help sick animals. I have plenty of experience with animals so I think a job involving animals would be great for me. My favorite subject is science and world history because I love learning about older times and I love biology. I hope in high school I can develop a large understanding an education in these subjects.

Xavier G.

Carver HSES

I am energetic, extroverted, and social. I can convince people to do things my way. I want to start my own service or business and make money. Maybe I will create my own product to sell or buy products and resell. My hobbies are selling products and making money. I want to start my own retail chain when I get older and hopefully expand to more and more locations.


Carver E&S

I am a social, enterprising, and artistic person. I can convince people to do things my way, lead a group, persuade others, and sell things or promote ideas. I like to help people, have power and status, and start my own services or business. My favorite subjects are math and English. I like English because I like to read and write and it causes me to think more. I like math because its straight forward one answer. In the future if I don't become a rapper or basketball player I want to become a defense lawyer for the youth in addition to having my own clothing line.

Israel A.

Knight High School

I am an investigative, realistic, conventional, enterprising, and creative person. I enjoy solving problems, exploring new subjects, further expanding my knowledge, creating new things, and playing music. In the near future, I wish to pursue engineering management as my career. I believe I make a good leader, as I can organize a group, assign tasks, listen to other's statements and opinions, am open minded to suggestions, and never leave anyone behind but rather bring everyone together. I hope that I am able to help many people's needs with my career.


Cabrillo High School

I am a creative, imaginative, well-organized, polite, and understanding man with an interest in visual, literary, organizational, and computer-related activities. I also enjoy providing aide to others for their personal concerns. In the future I aspire to graduate high school, start off in a community college, transfer to a university in two years, and graduate with a Bachelor's degree in art. I wish to share my vision and enjoyments with others and be able to make a positive impact on their lives.

Dylan H.

Cabrillo High School

I am a social, artistic, and enterprising person. I can help people in need and learn new ways to persuade and perform. Math and history are my favorite subjects. My future is about helping people and creating new ways to make people proud. I want to someday be broadcasting news to the world and connect with people in need so everyone is in a good place.



i am mechanically inclined, practical, and work on solving problems. I like to work on cars. I don't give up easily. I try fix to fix problems the right way but if needed i can use my own ideas to solve problems. I like spending my free time on fixing my car. I'm interested in a future career solving problems or provide mechanical services..

Lauren D.

Cabrillo High School

I am a friendly, understanding, patient, and generous person. I can cooperate well with others, mediate disputes, and teach which all helped contribute to the development of my favorite hobbies. These include volunteering, learning and playing music, and caring for or teaching children. I also enjoy serving my community and my friends, even if I just listen to their problems. In the future I hope to be a special education teacher in an elementary school as well as continuing to help those in need throughout my community.

Brooklynn G.

Cabrillo High School

I am an outgoing, helpful, responsible, and hard headed women. I can help others by expressing myself clearly and teaching people from my mistakes. I like to help people with personal problems, as well as play team sports and work with young people. In the future I plan to be a doctor and help those in the military. My hobbies include playing sports, glorifying God, and spending time with family and friends. I am going to leave a legacy that my children can share.